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Web Development courses in Lahore at NUKTA Trainings, are essential for you. The world today revolves around the technical aspects that have surrounded the business world. You cannot excel at your job without having knowledge about the web development.  This is the reason that our web development institute in Lahore is offering web development courses. We ensure that we offer quality services and make the students understand the basics and advanced levels of web development. Our courses are designed keeping in mind the level of understanding of the beginners. Do not miss the opportunity of getting admission in our prestigious institution.  We have the tools to enhance your skills.

Why choose us for Web Development Courses in Lahore

With our courses you will be able to design your own web pages. You would no longer be in search of a helping hand to guide you in this regard. We will give you a proper walk through of the web development process. This course will enable you to develop web pages and much more. With our extensively designed course you will have command over the technical aspects. We have a team of professional experts that can guide you and teach you. We have the best to offer to you.

Web Development Course Outline is as follows:

Web Designing and development Basic – Professional


  • Basic principles involved in developing a web site
  • Why create a web site
  • Introduction To HTML Section
  • Home Page Layout selection
  • What is HTML and HTML Tags.
  • Working with HTML Elements and Tags.
  • Working with Text, Lists, Tables, Hyperlinks, Images
  • Working with Forms and controls.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Introduction To CSS 3 Section
  • What Is CSS?, Inline CSS, Internal CSS ,External CSS and how to use.
  • Working with Classes And IDs
  • Working with Working with Divs
  • Working with Colors, Floating, Positioning, Margins, Padding, Other CSS Properties and  CSS Styling(Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts)
  • Working with Lists and Tables by using class, ids

JavaScript & JQuery

  • What Is Javascript? And jquery?, How to control html with jquery
  • Working with Internal Jquery, External Jquery
  • Accessing html Elements with jquery
  • Responding on different events with html tags
  • Changing Website Content
  • Manipulating Styles With Jquery


A complete hand on experience with latest responsive web front end framework Bootstrap will be shared with students and also complete documented lectures will be delivered to students within last two lectures.

Final Project

At the end of web designing part project (A complete theme for web layout based on bootstrap) will be assigned, after submitting of that project student will get a certificate.

Salient features of Web Development & Web Designing Training in Lahore

Here is a peep inside what we have to offer through our exclusive course.

  • A general introduction about the web development would be given.
  • We will help you understand static and dynamic web pages.
  • You will get a complete walk through of basic and advanced HTML.
  • The web development training also includes the extensive study about CSS.
  • This course will help you get an understanding about the most essential web development tools & languages JavaScript, J-Query & BootStrap.
  • Our course will give you a perception of the client side and server side languages. This includes JQuery, Ajax and JavaScript.
  • You will get to learn PHP through this course.
  • The course will give you a detailed insight about MYSQL Databases.
  • You will get insight about advanced development techniques.
  • The course will also teach you to create an application using MYSQL and PHP.

Web Designing and Development Course in Lahore

Our web development courses will give you a detailed insight about web designing and web development. The extensive course is designed in such a way that it focuses on every aspect related to web development and web designing. Web development training course will clarify the core concepts. The aforementioned points have given you an overview. Let us now elaborate the points so that you can have a better understanding. The forthcoming paragraphs will resolve your queries regarding the course that is offered by web development institute in Lahore.

The introduction to Web Development

The course will provide you an insight about the basics of Web development. You will get a chance to understand the concept about different types of web pages. You will be introduced to CSS and HTML in the course introduction. Apart from this you will get detailed information about Asp.net and PHP.

Tools used for the Web Development Process

When you start web development then you will be introduced to a variety of tools.  The purpose of introducing you to the tools is so that you can develop expertise in using the tool of your choice. The best part about this course is that all your queries pertaining to the tools are promptly answered by the instructor so that you have clear concepts. You will also get to learn the configuration of PHP and Apache during the course.

The course will give you all the details about Dream Viewer. This web development course will also help you understand the database tools like PHP MyAdmin and SQL Yog.

Exploring MySQL Databases

You will also gather insight about MySQL Databases through the web development courses. When you start web development then an essential aspect is to understand the databases. You need to understand the basics of how a database works. This course will help you learn how to load a database. You will get an introduction about the MySQL Command Interpreter. You will get a step by step guideline to create a database. You will also to learn to modify and administer a database.

Exploring Advanced Development Techniques

When you opt for web development training then you get an introduction about the framework of Fuse Box and Code Igniter. You will get to learn how you have to handle a large amount of data. The course will introduce you to indexes and query optimization.

Developing you Application

You will get a brief introduction of different case studies. This course will help you explore MYSQL functions in PHP. You will get to know how you have to place a query to the database. This course will help you master user driven queries. You will explore Previous and the Next browsing. This web development course will help you figure out how to make insert, delete and updates. The core concept of user authentication and management will be introduced to you through this course. Once you have developed the basic concepts then gradually you will learn to develop your own application.

This means that our web development courses in Lahore are truly going to be an exciting journey for you.Our course is designed in such a way that it does not miss out on anything and gives you a thorough understanding of all the aspects. We give you insight regarding every concept related to web development. We are just one call away and you can always contact us if you have any query.

We welcome you to approach us and opt for our course so that you can have a bright future. We have a team of professionals and experts on-board who are willing to offer you the best education.The web development institute in Lahore is the best option that can come your way. Make sure that you do not miss the opportunity and get yourself enrolled. You will be satisfied with our service and we will not let you down.