Android Mobile App Development Course Outline is as Follows:

Note: After each lecture there must be one or two assignments to submit  before next class.

     Introduction of Android & JAVA
     Hello World Application,  Project Structure
     Gradle Build System, Android Virtual Device
     Introduction of Activity and layouts

     Android components (Activity, Service, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers )
     Activities and their Life-Cycle
     Linear Layout (Gravity, Weight, Weight sum)
     (Widgets) Image View, Text View, Edit Text
     Event Handling Part-1 (Toast)

     Assignment discussion (Solution ,Overview)
     Project’s Manifest
     Themes and Orientation( Portrait,Landscape)
     Resources (strings,colors,styles, menu events)
     Relative Layouts
     Event Handling Part-II

    Intents (SMS,Call,Browser,Email)
    Intent filters and Broadcast Receivers
    Navigation of activities, Sending data between activities
    Alert Dialogs, Custom alert dialogs
    Date ,Time Picker Dialogs   

    Lists , List view, Recycler View
    Adapters ,Array Adapter and Base Adapters
    GridView , Displaying data like a grid (Reading files from Assets)

    Custom listview with images
    Data Models ,Getter Setters.

     Threads ,Ui-Threads , ASyncTasks
     Async Task with URL Connection (Download file from server)
     Runnables, Handler and Post Handlers

     Debugging , LogCat ,Device Monitoring, File Explorer

     JSON parsing with GET request using URL Connection
     Load Image From URL ( Lazy Loading)
     JSON Parsing and POST request to server
     PHP how to develop web services

    XML Parsing using SAX Parser
    XML Parsing using DOM , Pull Parser (Assignment)
    (Local Host Xampp)

    View Pager with Tabs
    Inter Fragments Communication

   Multi-Media (Playing Audio and Video)
   Shared Preferences (Cache data persistence)
   How to read and write data into files

  SQLite Database
  Populating data from database to lists ( Assignment )
  Google Maps
  Customize Map controls, Zoom level

    Reverse Geo Coding , Location Sensors
    GPS , Network , Draw Marker on given address

  Content Provider’s
  How to read Calls Logs,Incoming calls , missed calls, outgoing calls etc

  Material Design
  Design Support Library
  FAB (Floating Action Button)
  Recycle review, Card View
  Sliding Drawer
  Sliding Tabs